Sep 23, 2010

Autumn and A Winner!

Ellen Barbara Segner - Illustrator
Well Known for Little Miss Sunbeam and Dick and Jane Readers

Doesn't this illustration set the course for Fall? Ellen Barbara Segner not only had a corner on the "sweet and wholesome" market, but I learned that she, like many other painters of her era, also painted provocative pinup girls.  Frankly, I'll stick with her more innocent works. 

I'm excited because today I got to select the winner of my "It's Almost Autumn Tea Giveaway!" {I used Random Generator.}

And, the winner is . . . Sandi at the WhistleStop Cafe! Sandi wrote: "Tea is my afternoon soother ~ A Friday favorite for sure!" Well, Sandi, you will soon have a new, seasonal tea to soothe you!

If you don't know what Fannie Flagg, The Irondale Cafe, and green fried tomatoes have in common, then Sandi is the perfect person to fill you in.  She and her family once owned and operated a wonderful slice of Americana before purveying "Down Home and Delicious" WhistleStop products. Click HERE to read the history and HERE to visit her blog.

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Sep 20, 2010

If You Carrot All

Baby Caleb's First Encounter with Carrots


I'm participating in a Tea Swap thanks to Joyce Mahan of The Secret Gardener. Georgia Woodson, of Southern California, has been my tea-lightful partner for the last 2 months. What a blessing she is!

This month's theme is "Back to School." Georgia expressed how grateful she is that her getting-up-for-school days are over. I wish I could say amen to that, but I'll be driving boys to school for the next 8 years! I'll be 60 when it comes to a hault!

Georgia wrote about a tea tradition she shares with her sister at Christmas and she carefully itemized the teas she had selected for me. We have a mutual passion for Harney and Son's, which happens to be what I sent to her this month.

Everything pictured above is from Georgia with the exception of the tray and teacup. The teas include Black Currant, Imperial Gold, and Decaffeinated Rich Black Tea in individual bags; and Chocolate Mint and Winter White Earl Gray in silken sachets.  In addition to tea, she blessed me with seasonal teacup note cards with tea bags inserted, two adorable pins, and Kimberly Shaw Christmas tea stickers.

Thank-you, Georgia! You are amazing!

NOTE: My "It's Almost Autumn Tea Giveaway" ends in 3 days. Scroll down to enter!

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Sep 19, 2010

Spiritual Sundays: A Future and a Hope

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In Heaven's eyes, our setback is already God's comeback! Allow me to share an event that God is masterfully turning around for good!

I have taught voice and drama for over 14 years. In early August, my employer informed me that she was not renewing my contract with the studio. She explained that it was her problem, not mine; and that I had done nothing wrong.

I recognized her struggles but I was stunned by this conclusion. While co-workers were able to support and encourage my contributions, my boss could offer very little that was positive.