Jan 1, 2011

Hosts of the Highways?

As I'm preparing to drive from Southern California to Idaho, I found some interesting advice from the ad campaigns of the 1950's.

According to the above illustration, Coca Cola is the "Host of the Highways." I'm not likely to stumble across a red cooler, unless I traverse through a city that time forgot. Then again, not even road fatigue could make me miss a dispenser that big!

Then there's the clean-cut, kindly advice of the American truck driver, advising me to "make a frequent 'Coffee-Stop!'" Now, coffee is more my style, but I have never known caffeine to keep me awake. Sipping a hot beverage, however, has been known to do the trick!

Photos courtesy of of Christian Mendone -

Dec 31, 2010

A New Year: A New Life

There is a marked difference between losing hold of something and letting go. Certainly, we can make lists of things that we should hold fast to. Then, there are occasions when something needs to be released in order to receive the greater blessing.

In this last year, it was perfectly natural for me to fight for things that were a matter of survival. When it became clear that I needed to relinquish my hold, the "peace of God, which surpasses all understanding" stood guard over my mind and heart. At first, there was a sense of suspended animation with no evidence of change. Then, the blessings began to flow.

Two different families provided housing while we regrouped. An opportunity to move to Idaho presented itself, along with a place to stay and a job offer. In the course of about 3 months, we have been given over $3200.00, a brand new set of tires, and maintenance on my Versa.

It has been a trying week. Arrangements that appeared to be solid, changed completely. I've maneuvered through disappointment and the scrutiny of those who have never been in our shoes. But, alas, we are focused on the goal and preparing to venture north.

On Sunday, I will be taking my 2 boys to Idaho. Barry will follow shortly with the U-Haul. Soon, we will be living in an historic mountain community surrounded by snow. We will have a fresh canvas awaiting our creativity, vision, and energy. A few issues will be resolved simply because of distance. Other challenges will fade as our new roots take hold. Adventures await us! Stay tuned.