Jan 29, 2011

No cold shoulders here...

Thanks to all of you for being patient while I get settled and plugged back into the world. This has been quite an adventure!

I have not been giving anyone the "cold shoulder." {{GRIN}} In fact, I have missed my regular blogging horribly. It feels good to be connected again!

Our sweet little cabin is perfect for what we need right now! There are some storage issues, but I am creatively overcoming!

There is one thing that caught us all by surprise and I unfortunately won't be able to discuss it until it is behind us. Suffice it to say that the enemy of our souls is not overjoyed when God pours out blessings. However, when God opens a door, no man can shut it! Amen.

Today is my Birthday and what a pleasure it was to view the mountain tops and pines from the warmth of our home! Barry's Birthday was yesterday. He was born in '53 and is now 58. I was born in '58 and am now 53. Cool, huh?

Have a fabulous weekend!


pam said...

I have no idea how I found you...but HAPPY BIRTHDAY...may your next year of abiding with Him be sweet!

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday Karen! May this year be full of promises and hope for you and your husband!!

Lots of love and prayers,

NeereAnDear said...

Happy Birthday a day late!! Hope it was all you wished for and more


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Happy Birthday!

We found with every move we made, it seemed the enemy came against it whether before, during, or after.

I guess it is because God has something new for us that we are saying "yes" to!

Susy said...

Glad to see you blogging again and re-connected to the outside world (:
You are never far from my thoughts xo

Kat said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet friend!


I am said...

Happy belated birthday. Looking forward to your posts.

Christian Woman

Anonymous said...

Karen June - I am your new tea swap partner, but your email came back to me. I will try this way. I have a package all ready to mail - but need your address to send it to! Kimberly said she had not gotten an update yet. You can email me at Thanks!
Rene' Phares

Kimberly said...

Well, A very Happy Birthday to YOU! And about your tea swap partner who also left you a message here, I was bad and didn't give her your the new email address. I just sent it and sent you an email too. Hugs, Kim

Debra said...

I just love your blog and will be back! Smiles

Joyce said...

Awww...don't worry we are all still right here. We know your busy.
It's all good in the end Karen!
Hang in there...

Renna said...

Karen, it's so good to hear from you! Your attitude sounds terrific, in light of all the upheavals in your life. True peace comes when you know you're in God's will.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I'm two ahead of you)

Auntie Bliss said...

Oh happy late birthday KJ!
Mountain girl!
The truffles in the Jacquie card are giving me ideas! That was so pretty :)OOOOooo this music is enchanting!

tea time and roses said...

Happy belated birthday dear Karen! Fifty-three is surely looking good!:o) Thinking of you often. Happy weekend to you.