Jan 16, 2011

Right on Time!

Snow sprinkling like powdered sugar. (From my iPhone)

Smith Wigglesworth said, "God is never late for an appointment." This also means that He's never early. Today my sons and I left our friend's home and drove up the hill to our Pastors' cabin. We still did not have housing and we were awaiting responses to telephone inquiries. After 2 weeks of being separated, my beloved husband would be driving the U-Haul into town around 7 PM. We needed direction. Fast.

Overall, we have received tremendous love and support here. Our friend's gracious hospitality was immeasurable. Our new pastors embraced us immediately, committing themselves to our search for a home. Residents have welcomed us. Yet, I endured a challenging weekend of dead-ends, teetering emotions, and rain on snow with the ensuing slushy roads. 

A new acquaintance suggested that living on the mountain was a luxury and that I needed to find housing down in Boise. True, there are expensive homes up here, but there also exists housing that runs the gamut from trailers in disrepair to well-kept, modest cabins and manufactured homes. The city is comprised of casual folks, hunters, and those reminiscent of leftover gold miners.

Deep in my heart, I knew that God did not bring us this far to perish. We took a step of faith and our feet landed smack in the middle of His provision — whether we could see it or not.

I awoke with a heart of anticipation this morning and finally, when the sun was sinking over the mountaintops, the news arrived that we had been granted a home for a whopping $450 a month! Tomorrow, we will be moving into a new, cozy 2-bedroom, 2-bath cabin that sits directly across the street from where my boys attend school! It has washer/dryer hookups, a stove, and a dishwasher! It is perfect for what we need right now!

And God was right on time!


  1. Wonderful... God knows what we need before we need it. Love how He is taking care of you and your family.

  2. I'm praising God with you, Karen. When you know God's told you something, you never, never, NEVER give up (believing and expecting it to happen)! :-)

  3. We serve a GREAT and LOVING GOD! How gracious HE is to set you up in such a lovely area..I can't wait to see photos!

  4. I am so Prasing our Lord for this. I will continue to pray for you my friend. I am so happy for you...m..

  5. What a terrific God story, thanks for sharing it that we might praise Him also.

  6. So so happy to hear that you have found your place called "home" ... its always so hard moving to a new area as it is without having accomadations and a place to rest ones weary head...

    Congratulations on your new digs... have fun getting settled and then GET SOME REST!! Emotions always run high when we are tired...



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