Feb 25, 2011

Views from the Cabin

Many have been asking for photos of our new home. There are still mountains of snow surrounding the cabin, largely due to snowplows. So, I thought I would first focus my camera on the views from the front and side porches. Pictured above is a sunny shot of our backyard.

Here's the same view, but from another angle. There are paw and foot prints in the snow from children and the neighbor's dog. Dogs are definitely territorial up here. And they seem to just wander the streets at whim.

Here is a photo from our front porch looking toward the school. The beautiful range in the background overlooks where most of the gold mining was done in the 1800's.

You'll notice that my car looks like it is missing a wheel. Unknown to us, Nissan installs hubcaps with timers. When a certain mileage is reached on the car, the hubcaps fall off — almost simultaneously. Well, I'm kidding about the timer, but the hubcaps did suddenly begin to fall off. The only surviving hubcap is visible in this photo and it's strapped on.

NOTE: For a snowy day view, scroll down one post.


  1. How pretty, KJ!

    So much history around you, as well. I love to read historical fiction set in the mountains in the years of the gold rush.

    I didn't picture you living in a neighborhood somehow. It is nice to see that you have close neighbors.

  2. What a wondrous world you have moved to...much to discover with such a change. My mouth is still hanging with the hubcap timer issue.....that is CRAZY.

  3. Oh Karen you have bountiful snow. That is so strange about the hub caps...why I ask? Visit me to see spring flowers blooming now. hugs♥O

  4. OhI just love the scenery. I looks so peaceful.

  5. Very pretty....but brrrr! Looks cold. Hope you're staying warm and dry.



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