Mar 3, 2011

News from the Cabin


Mother Nature might be in need of hormone therapy. I am hearing weird weather reports from all over the country and Idaho City is no exception.

The unplowed areas of our city are still heavily frosted with snow. Yet, it rained last night with temperatures in the low 20's. Lightening finally knocked out the city's electricity. This is no problem for those with wood stoves and/or generators, but our little cabin has only a propane heater which very much depends on electricity.

How did I handle this? Well, I lit some candles, grabbed a surplus of blankets and dove into bed.


Our new elevation has been doing my husband and I good. At least it has elevated our romantic notions! Honestly, there are times I want to consult the mirror to see if we have somehow stumbled upon the fountain of youth! We're playful and lighthearted again.

This Mountain Mama is loving the slower pace and the fact that I get to see my Mountain Man more. No doubt, it helps that we are not enduring traffic, breathing smog, or hearing helicopters circle our home with that intrusive spotlight. And, there are no fast food restaurants up here, so I know our hearts are happier.


Barry and I have been exploring the nooks and crannies of Boise. There is still too much snow on the mountain to be traversing new paths, so we are finding some incredible bakeries; and American and ethnic eateries amongst what the mountain folk call the flat-landers.

Before moving to Idaho, I did a lot of foodie research on Yelp. So, I have a stash of possible "date" locations and family dining for us to explore. One now favorite spot is a place called Zeppole where they make scrumptious artisanal breads, desserts, and to-die-for Italian Panini!

Of course, being Irish, anything touting the creative use of potatoes will attract me like a magnet. And, I do live in the potato state!


If you have known me for any length of time, you will know that I enjoy paper crafting. Another perk of living in a mountain community is that there are other crafters who actually have time to create! I have already attended a Stampin' Up class! I have been breaking out craft tools that were still in packages. And, you will see from my banners that I am having a ball with digital scrapbooking as well. [The above images are from Oscraps.)


  1. Your life sounds so adventurous!

  2. Love "hearing" the happiness in your words.

    Hope your weekend is good.

  3. Hey Karen,
    I was thinking of you this morning...praying all is going WELL and you are warm! And have a cup of tea beside you.
    I'll write you sometime soon!
    Hang in there, Joyce

  4. Sounds wonderful Karen, just wonderful!:o) I am so very happy for you and your family. What a lovely post.:o) Continue to enjoy your new home.



  5. I just got finished reading the last few posts and oh my it sounds like such an adventure you have been on...

    I also think it sounds wonderful you have a friend who pushes you to exercise even in the cold weather ... it is one thing I wish I had .... hard to get motivated but once you do both your body and mind will eventually thank you ... you will also find that you will have less colds etc... let me put it this way ...
    heat breeds bacteria ... make sense?

    the views from your home are gorgeous and it sounds like you have some wonderful places to eat ... sans fast food ... fabulous!

    Cant wait to hear more ...



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