May 4, 2011

A New Mindset

My first encounter with a deliciously domestic blog had me all undone. For years, I had assembled little paper newsletters teeming with beloved passions, homemaking, tea taking, and creative pursuits. The thought of being able to translate this into a personal online format..., well, I wasted no time. Ideas for future posts were scribbled down routinely.

Amusingly, we have moved 4 times since I launched eye-dyllic: once into storage. My ambitions to photo journal decorating projects have been shelved by budget and transition. In fact, we have downsized considerably. Yet, I am still searching for beauty wherever I find myself.

People often ask, "Why did you choose to move to Idaho City in the middle of winter?" Valid question, especially when we relocated from a beach city to a snowy mountaintop. I have pictured myself living in pastoral settings and Idaho never entered my mind. Plainly, I did not choose Idaho City; however, I did choose to walk through a door God had unmistakably opened.

There is much to love here! We're nestled beneath a bazillion stars, serenaded by frogs and crickets. Hens feed in our side yard, roosters awaken us, deer and antelope graze along the highway. We're dazzled by Mountain Bluebirds, Osprey, American Robins, Yellow-rumped Warblers, California Quail, and Red-winged Blackbirds. Pine and Cottonwood trees reach for the bluest sky.


Over a year before leaving California, it was obvious that God was up to something. Things were changing, falling through, and even disappearing. This definitely had our attention.

I had watched a documentary entitled, In Debt We Trust. Much of the film came as no surprise, but I needed a jump-start. In today's world, unless individuals have the resources to pay off credit card balances on a monthly basis — and even that can change in a blink — the credit system is designed to take prisoners! The eye-opener is that our government is in cahoots with the credit card industry, happily prospering at our expense.

Barry and I had accepted credit cards for emergencies only, and were never at a loss for reasons to use them. One dental emergency maxed-out several cards!

A friend of mine closed her very popular retail business in California because she was being prompted to embrace Heaven Economics. As a successful entrepreneur, she was rapidly accumulating debt. Though I was not a business owner, I knew the same principles applied to me.

Heaven has no debt. God supplies our needs according to His riches: a vast and limitless treasury that will never incur finance charges.

My Pastor recently shared how his yearly salary dipped from $50,000 to $5,000 when he first came to Idaho City. He knew God would have to provide or there was no way they could stay. God did provide, but not without sacrifice and adjustments.

So, my blog journey takes on new layers. I am pursuing my own Heaven Economics: living this new life step by step, day by day; leaning on, relying on, and trusting in Almighty God!

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  1. I'm glad to hear that you like your new home, KJ. I wish you ALL the best!


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