Jul 22, 2011



We have all made moves in our lives. Unlike my parents who have lived at the same address since I was born in 1958, I have moved 15 times on my own! The most drastic move was to Idaho after living in California for 53 years.

The shift to Idaho not only presented a change in culture, but it gave a jolt to my cozy California blog routine. I have needed a new mindset. There is no lack of things to write about, but my approach to blogging needed to change.

To celebrate change, I am hosting a "BACK-IN-THE-SADDLE-AGAIN" GIVEAWAY! I don't have horses (Does joining the Idaho City Shootists count for something?), but it feels good to park my sassy chassis in a new ride!

The winner will receive this wondrously delectable Peach Smoothie Soy Candle from Good Neighbors Candle Co. in Lancaster, PA. Becky K, the loving crafter, creates these environment-friendly candles that lend so beautifully to any situation! I have enjoyed using them in my home!

  1. Leave a COMMENT. Tell me what your favorite SUMMER PLEASURE is. Be sure to leave your name in the post.
  2. You will receive an EXTRA ENTRY for everyone whom you refer to this Giveaway! Make sure that they mention YOUR NAME in their post.
  3. The DEADLINE to enter is: Friday, August 5th at 8 PM Mountain Time.
  4. Please know that this is for ALL of my visitors, even if you don't usually leave comments.


  1. Rhonda St. RomainJuly 22, 2011 at 1:09 PM

    Road trips. I love driving vacations since I live in crowded southern California, seeing wide open spaces and unusual places is really a "vacation".

  2. I enjoy cooking out, making homemade ice-cream, and a cold pitcher of iced tea.

    So happy you stopped by my blog and left a nice comment! It's very nice to see you blogging again.


  3. Hi there, I am over from Becky's blog! I love her candles and would love to win this one:) Hope you get all settled into your new home! Happy weekend and nice to meet 'cha!

    HUGS from Theresa "theycallmeganky"

  4. ooh pick me! haha, I just love being able to be outside until 9pm and it is still light out. oh and smores, def smores!--Angel aka BAMcraftymommas

  5. Great giveaway, a peach candle sounds delightful. Becky is wonderful! My favorite summer pleasure is fresh garden veggies and herbs...basil and tomatoes!! Yummm!

    blessings, ZudaGay

  6. I have to say that at least ONE of my top favorite summer pleasures is eating fried green tomatoes! Mmmm...

    I have one of Becky's candles and it is SO awesome. The winner will be very lucky to get this :-)

  7. Hmmm... I enjoy being at the beach, and this year it will be extra enjoyable because I'll be able to watch my little guy enjoy it too:)
    I'm Julia (Jeweleighab).
    Becky's candles look amazing!

  8. Peach is one of my favorites!
    Summertime means fresh from the garden tomato

  9. Living in a place where summer temps are commonly above 100 degrees, my absolute favorite summer pleasure is swimming. Alas, I don't have a pool, and I've long since past the days where I'd grace the public pool in a swimsuit. ;-) Fortunately, I have a sis-in-law with a pool, which I've gotten to take a few dips in this summer. I don't care if she sees me in my 20 year old swimsuit, that ceased to fit right 15 years ago! ;-)

  10. Hello Karen,

    My favorite summertime pleasure is a nice long drive, stopping every few hours to take in our country's amazing scenery. Then, after such a wonderful time on the road, I love coming home to a home that smells wonderfully fresh and clean as a result of candles! I love soy candles! Thanks Karen. All the best to you and your beautiful family!

    Salwa Mishreki

  11. I like peaches, I hear that my brother-in-law makes the best home made ice cream with peaches, thank-You Karen for the chance to
    get a candle.

  12. Summer! My favorite summer past time would be trips to Mr. Freeze for something yummy! Also, extra daylight and evening swims in our complex's pool! Ahhhhhh....summer!
    Have a super weekend, KJ!

  13. I just like to sit on my deck and have a glass of iced tea. Have a great weekend Lynne

  14. Hi Karen,
    I LOOOOVE how you are adapting to your new home and town and have immersed yourself into the culture!
    That is the right thing to do.
    So joining the "Idaho City Shootist" is just part of going along with what's happening in your neck of the woods.
    Just a tad bit of encouragement there...:~)
    I'd have to say my favorite thing to do in the summer now is, going to my pool group three times a week. I love the water, the exercise and the ladies I swim with. And we do other "field trips." In fact today we are driving to "The English Tea Room" which is one and a half hours away. But it will be a fun adventure!
    I also like to travel in the summer..but haven't done much this year except a trip to Dallas and it was SO hot. So we will save our traveling for Spring and Fall anymore since we live in the hot, hot, South.
    Hang in there girl...your doing great.
    So glad you all moved!!!
    Tell Mr. Bear "Hi" from The Mahans

  15. My new favorite summertime pleasure, is having my family together again. There are so many activities during the school year, and with my oldest being in college he comes home for the summer. It's a bit of "normalcy."

    Sharon Snavely (You knew me when I had "A Hoosier Family" blog, but now we live in Arkansas.) Thanks for the fb event invite.

  16. I have also made a huge change, when we left California almost two years ago! I was so sad to leave the Ocean! Moving to Colorado I was nervous our summers would be boaring-
    I was so wrong, I am amazed by the beauty that is out here in truely God's Country! The mountians, the lakes the country side.
    Right now our favorite thing to do is sit outside at night and see all the stars, watch the amazing thunderstorms! it sounds so strange but it truely is something I could sit and watch all night. As the clouds move over and the lighten is inside the cloud!
    I love living in Colorado!

  17. Sarita just loves the cool river on a hot day... being with my girls 24/7 and enjoying them all summer... that is the best. My girls...

  18. Love watering my lawn and eating fresh picked cherry tomatoes....just wash and eat! ...Miss you!

  19. Hi, I got your invitation on FB to come on over here, and the candle looks fabulous.
    My favorite summer activity is picking produce in my garden, including blackberries and strawberries.

  20. Hi KJ <3
    My favorite summer past time is sitting on our deck in the backyard just as the sun is setting over the Las Trampas Hills, listening to the evening creatures come to life - owls, doves, deer, an occasional raccoon or fox - then thanking God for his wonderful creations.

  21. Oh, I'm loving all of the summerful comments! Thanks so much for visiting! I wish I could send a candle to ALL of you!

  22. My favorite summer activity is walks along the Boise river, or any of the many fabulous parks. You never know what beauty you may see.

  23. My favorite summer pleasure and passtime, is being in it. Hearing the sounds of summer, smelling all the aromas of summer; as well as tasting fresh summer fruits, warm and fresh off the tree or vine. Early morning synphonies, "flocking" at my bedrom windows, and the beauty of all of nature.Colors, shapes, on the waters, and in the sky. Friendly,happy neighbors, stopping by,& family in pleasure filled events, unique to this special season. salute! Brenda Goetz

  24. Don't have much to say except that I love summer and the heat and my sugar free Slurpees. Winter is good for sweaters, but that's about it. Love ya, KJ...Carol Drey


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