Jul 16, 2011

Blog Snafus

There is nothing more balloon-bursting than arriving at one's blog with creative anticipation only to find that content is missing. Today, I noticed that most of my photos were absent from a Mother's Day post. A few weeks ago, a blog post disappeared entirely. So, instead of adding new content, I am retrieving and reformatting. Stop being a booger, Blogger!

I have actually been waking up in the wee hours with blogging fodder. So, if Blogger will cooperate, you might just see it in print.

1 comment:

Justabeachkat said...

UH OH! Hope I don't have that problem. So far, so good. I did notice that my signature photo was missing from some posts recently. I just said oh well" and kept on keeping on". LOL

Happy weekend hugs sweet friend,