Jul 22, 2011

Today's Bouquets

A longtime potato enthusiast (I'm sure it's in my Irish blood), I became a wee bit sentimental when we acquired our first Idaho license plate with "Famous Potatoes" printed on it! I didn't choose this state because of it's spuds, but it is a welcome bonus! Now, if the plate only had my name on it!

I worked 3 days at the Museum this week. I suppose I took my day-off too seriously because at around 7 PM I asked aloud, "Where did I put my day?" At least it felt good to be looking for something other than my reading glasses.

  • I was able to do a little shopping on Etsy for some olive oil based hand soaps! One of my purchases included "Gone Fishing ~ Marine Air Scented Olive Oil Soap with Crushed Sea Kelp." Apparently, this soap is not for the faint of heart, but I grew up in Long Beach, CA and I have been missing the seashore.
  • My Pampered Chef Fall/Winter Kit arrived today and I caught my first glimpse of the amazing NEW products! Limited Edition Taupe Stoneware, Microwave Chip Makers (without using oil), a Veggie Slicer with a 5-blade design for slicing carrots, celery, chives, etc.  I can't wait to get my oven-mitts on this stuff!
  • My Museum paycheck came 6 whole days ahead of schedule! This means that Bear, Brock, and I will be going down to Boise tomorrow! Yahoo!
STAY TUNED! I will be announcing a

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  1. Hello dear KJ,
    It sounds as if you are settling in very nicely. Working at a!

    I LOVE potatoes. Wonder if I have a secret Irish heritage? Hmmmm.....

    Becky K.


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