Aug 5, 2011

Life App-ens!

When I upgraded to iPhone 4, the salesperson laughed at the amount of apps on my older iPhone. Realistically, it would take hundreds of iPhones to house the multitude of apps available. In my defense though, I use most of my apps consistently.

For example, we are celebrating Kokanee Days in Idaho City tomorrow. Kokanee are the land-locked form of sockeye salmon. I am told that the streams and rivers appear to be orange as the salmon swim and spawn upstream. So, I found a colored illustration of a Kokanee and used WordFoto to transform the image.

I have other photo tools, too: Comic Book, FatBooth, Diptic, SketchMee, LabelDispenser, Squeeze It... The results range from stunning to silly. Many of my blog and Facebook photos were taken and formatted on my iPhone.

I use apps to journal, deposit checks, and to hum tunes when I forget the name of a song. A rooster awakens me on my Alarm Clock. I'm plugged into social networking. I write blog posts, stories, take notes; and I record original poems in Rhyme Book. My reference library includes a Dictionary/Thesaurus, Rhyme Time, 5 versions of the Bible, Strong's Concordance, Kindle, and Zinio for digital magazines.

Stitcher and iTunes allow me to listen to live radio and podcasts. I am hooked up to Fandango, Netflix, RedBox, TCM, and IMDb. Then there is the cooking section with celebrity chefs, recipes, and shopping lists.

When I go down to Boise, I rarely have to ask for directions or information. Almost anything can be accomplished through my iPhone. Yet, as wonderful and innovative as technology can be, it can't zap my California daughter and grandson to my side — in real time!


  1. My small town's limited choice of providers has prevented us from getting an iphone, tho I may switch from my Blackberry to an EVO when our contract is up. I desparately want an iphone, though I'm not sure I'm smart enough to figure out how to use all those apps! ;-)

    I love watching my daughter use her iphone to accomplish so much. When the motel we'd reserved for our last visit to CO Springs to see her (she already had a houseful of company) turned out to be a dud, she picked out a better motel, with a better rate, MUCH closer to her, and had it booked and reserved for us all in the matter of a couple of minutes on her iphone. I was impressed. ;-Þ

    Still, as I said, I'd have to be smart enough to do all that, and I'm not sure that I am! ;-)

  2. I love my iPod, though it isn't an iPhone... I do everything on it. (:

  3. lol. You make me wonder how I can claim to be a youth pastor's wife without an iPhone or anything to do so much with, much less all of the technological knowledge that comes with it. The phone sounds great.


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