Aug 8, 2011

The Winner is...

My "BACK-IN-THE-SADDLE-AGAIN" GIVEAWAY ended on Friday. Sorry, folks, for not posting the winner earlier.

One of the perks for me was reading your eye-dyllic summer pleasures! If you have not had an opportunity to read them, please mosey down to the Giveaway post below.

Tonight, I carefully folded up each wonderful comment and laid them out for my son, Bryce, to choose from. And the winner is...

Congratulations, Salwa! Salwa and I know each other from La Palma Christian Center in Southern California!

I strongly encourage you to visit Candles at Hospitality Lane. Becky K crafts every one of her soy candle creations with TLC! She actually donated the candle for the Giveaway. I know she would love to meet YOU!

Have a summerful tomorrow!


Becky K. said...

Congratulations Salwa!!
I would love to meet everyone so if you stop by my Etsy Shop, Good Neighbors Candle Co. and use the code Karen25 at the check out you will save 25% on your total order.

Favorite candles right now?
Hot chocolate, blueberry muffin and this peach!


Renna said...

Congratulations to Sawla! :-)

Karen, I just love the header you're using now. I always love all the pictures you use on your blog! :-)

Salwa Mishreki said...

Thank you Becky and Renna! And of course, thank you my dear friend, Karen. We miss you so very much!

Terra said...

Congratulations to Salwa.