Oct 3, 2011

Welcome, Baby Cameryn!

When Barry slipped in beside me at church yesterday, he leaned over with whispered enthusiasm and said, "Briana is in labor!" I didn't hear much of the sermon from that point forward. Peggy was neighboring me on the chair to my left. She said I was pretty giddy.

Living in Idaho now, I am about 1000 miles away from our precious daughter, Briana. Whereas I experienced her entire first pregnancy and witnessed the birth of our grandson, Caleb, I missed the journey with Cameryn — except for telephone calls. 

Briana was a day past her due date when she began eating radishes per a friend's advice. We'll never know if we can blame the radishes, but she was launched into labor and arrived at the hospital dilated to 9.5!

Baby Cameryn was born after 10:30 AM on October 2nd, 2011. She and Mommy are doing beautifully! As for me, Nana KJ, I'm literally shouting from the mountaintops!


  1. What an exciting day for your entire family!Babies are such blessings! Bet you cant wait to get your arms wrapped around them both!

  2. Oh my what a beauty she is! Congratulations Nana (: Never heard of radishes ~ bet baby Cameryn will be able to wiggle her nose. Love to all.

  3. I love it!! You shout away. Life is so precious and both your girls here are gorgeous!

    Good thing Briana got to the hospital when she did!

  4. SO exciting...I can tell she is a cutie!!!! Hope you get to see her soon.

  5. Congratulations!!! I really didn't know. How wonderful for all of you. :)


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