Apr 9, 2011

A Stroll Down Main Street

Posted earlier today on Facebook:
I know you're busy, but please stop and look at your calendar. This sounds petty, but it's April 9th. SPRING! We awakened to 2 inches of snow here in Idaho City and you're still dropping the stuff! Honestly! Give it up and I'll send you chocolate!
As I type this blog post, the morning snow has melted and it's hailing. The Weather Channel records current weather conditions as 40 degrees, cloudy with sunshine. Hmm.

Adjustment to mountain life, especially when residing in a late 1800's gold-mining town, is anything but dull. I have plenty of fodder for blogging, except that acclimating to a mountain community is a major distraction.

Yesterday, except for scattered mounds of snowplowed snow, grass was popping through rocky soil, bare branches promised foliage, and birds were singing the Hallelujah Chorus!

There's a saying in Idaho: "If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes."

I did some photo journaling about 3 weeks ago when our city was just beginning to break loose from winter's stronghold. Allow me to take you on a brief tour of what could barely be seen when I first arrived on that -10 degree night in January 2011.

Heading south from our cabin, I begin to see the mountain range that corresponds with Highway 21. The road is showing the weariness of ice and snowplows. 

I quickly arrive at a ramshackle junk business that was left to sit after the owner passed away. American Pickers (on the History Channel) would find a wagon load of loot in this dilapidated shack. I know that locals are hungry for a look-see. Vintage signs cover the weathered wood structure, while tiny windows tease those looking for treasures. 

I've been told that when the business was open, the owner was usually reluctant to make a sale. American Pickers encounters this scenario quite a bit.

Seriously, my first impression of this old town was that it was nothing but a bunch of lumps layered with thick white frosting. I had no clue that there was such beauty buried beneath. Here is an historic hillside tucked behind the eastern side of Main Street.

On the west side of the street, we find the Boise County Courthouse. Although the roof is new, the brick-and-mortar structure has survived the test of time.

This building sits empty right now, but it has seen many uses. I plan to find out what it was first used for.

Looking to our left again, we see the lounge act of 2 cats on the wall of the old Wells Fargo Express. The cats obviously can't read or they would know that only horses are allowed to park here.

And to our right, a local watering hole. Harley's is never lacking customers. For a city with no banks or traffic lights, we sure have our share of bars!

One of the eclectic little shops in town. As you can imagine, many of the novelty stores are closed during winter. As the snow melts, tourists come.

When I first laid eyes on this combination junk/antique shop, it was almost overtaken with snow. Now the store is getting to see the light of day and we can see what the snow was hiding.

The Visitor Center stands at the southeast corner of Main Street and Highway 21 which begins out of Boise and continues upward to other mountain towns. Since this photo was taken, the snow has melted and routine cleanup has begun.

To the left of the speed limit sign is Donna's Place, a favorite eatery here in Idaho City. It burned to the ground not long ago — under suspicious circumstances I may add. Many are anticipating the grand opening of the restaurant along with its grocery store. I hear the food is scrumptious and affordable.

I will take more photos as the weather changes. For now, I am closing this post with a shot of the southern mountain range off of Highway 21.