Apr 14, 2011

I was told...

This morning, with an outside temp of 19 degrees, I had the luxury of lazing beneath my warm bedding. Our neighbor's rooster was persistent in trying to oust me from my comfort zone. I won.

Later, the Bear and I were advised — emphatically — by some veterans of the mountaintop that the temperatures would zip into the 80's within 2 weeks. Mind you, it was snowing lightly as we had this conversation. I am sure that my expression oozed skepticism. Certainly warmer weather is appealing, but a 40 degree jump in temperature? The jury is still out.

I have yet to see my first flower up here, so I took a cyber trip to Canada to borrow some glimmers of hope. The above tablescape did the trick and I love the patterns on the plates: a very nice take on Easter brunch.

Speaking of Easter, I was delighted by the stylish presentation of these White Truffle Scrambled Eggs. I believe eating should be adventurous! Would you agree?

With new roots in a state known for my favorite root vegetable, how could I possibly ignore the potato? I would essentially be ingnoring myself because I have the "potato" gene. I'm Irish! And, I thoroughly enjoy roasting vegetables in my Pampered Chef (Stoneware) Rectangular Baker.

Canadian House and Home wrote:
David Rocco's roasted potatoes, from his book David Rocco's Dolce Vita, are one of those universal dishes: easy to prepare, simple to serve and perfect for casual dinners or entertaining. This side dish is also a great way to use up odds and ends. For example, if you have a tomato that needs to be used, just chop it up and throw it in. Or if you have dried-out Parmigiano cheese or the rinds, dice them up and throw them in as well. The results are addictive.
Time to call it a night! Click on the captions of each photo to be transported.