Aug 11, 2011

Good Neighbors Candle Co. — 25% OFF!

You were introduced to Candle Crafter, Becky Keeney, during my recent Giveaway. Becky pours more than soy and scents into her de-LIGHT-ful candles! She crafts them with a "keen" eye and loads of TLC!

Becky said, "I would love to meet everyone! If you stop by my Etsy Shop, Good Neighbors Candle Co., and use the code Karen25 at check-out, you will save 25% on your total order." Popular Flavors: Hot Chocolate, Blueberry Muffin, and Peach Smoothie!

I stopped by yesterday and picked up a couple of items for Fall!

NOTE: There is an "Apply shop coupon code" right under the "How you'll pay" section of the shopping cart.

Aug 8, 2011

The Winner is...

My "BACK-IN-THE-SADDLE-AGAIN" GIVEAWAY ended on Friday. Sorry, folks, for not posting the winner earlier.

One of the perks for me was reading your eye-dyllic summer pleasures! If you have not had an opportunity to read them, please mosey down to the Giveaway post below.

Tonight, I carefully folded up each wonderful comment and laid them out for my son, Bryce, to choose from. And the winner is...

Congratulations, Salwa! Salwa and I know each other from La Palma Christian Center in Southern California!

I strongly encourage you to visit Candles at Hospitality Lane. Becky K crafts every one of her soy candle creations with TLC! She actually donated the candle for the Giveaway. I know she would love to meet YOU!

Have a summerful tomorrow!