Aug 23, 2011


Our mining town is sighing as summer is running its course. Seasonal flowers are hanging their heads; and dry winds navigate the brick and mortar landmarks, kicking up what's left of the gold rush.

I'm still working weekdays at the Museum. Soon, we will be paring down to 4-day weekends. We will operate into the Fall as long as weather permits.

School resumes on Monday. For the first time, both of my sons, Bryce (16) and Brock (11), are playing football — Brock for the first time. Bryce played football in SoCal and has now returned his energy to sports. Papa Bear, an avid football enthusiast, is barely able to stay in his skin. 

Summer leisure has already been given over to football practice. I will take solace in the fact that the house will be calm as the boys crash after strenuous training. A welcome benefit!

I am looking for ways to reinvent myself. The move to Idaho has added much excitement, yet subtracted many of the tools and resources that made my SoCal life hum. I am missing too many opportunities.

So, like the early pioneers, we wheel forward: following worn paths and forging new ones. Much like the mysterious French eyeglasses (circa 1830-35) that were found in 1849 in a pine tree near Harris Creek, one never knows what one will discover.

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