Nov 18, 2011


I was blissfully back to blogging. Summer had surrendered to Fall and we were satisfied and settled into our cabin. Townsfolk were warning us that snow would make an appearance sometime around Halloween. A full winter in Idaho City was sounding appealing.

Then our landlord made an unexpected and emotional appearance. He wanted us to move out. He gave us an assortment of reasons that changed daily. Regardless, we rejected the confusion and accepted the fact that God was up to something. 

I confess that I dreaded packing again. We had moved 6 times in the last 5 years: 3 times in the previous 12 months! Temps were dropping. Income resources were shifting. We had no clue as to where we would live.

Fast forward to the happy ending... A 4-Plex around the corner had an opening. The owners understood the immediacy of our need and allowed us to move in directly. It snowed on the day we moved: another tribute to God's timing in providing shelter.

The cabin has been winterized and closed up. As for us, we will be saving $600 on propane alone and other energy costs will decrease significantly. Sometimes the reasons for things don't quite compute. I just know this: When God wants to move, get out of His way.