Dec 25, 2011


We truly are DREAMING of a White Christmas! Ordinarily, our landscape would be frosted with icy precipitation. Instead, our moisture is on loan to a North Pacific storm. Temps are in the teens and the sky is sequined with the galaxies. Forecasts continue to tease, but snow eludes us! 

It's our first Christmas in Idaho and my first time being separated from my California family. We have no relatives in Idaho, so our Christmas plans will include a morning fireside service at church and time spent in our cozy home. It already feels odd, but my husband and sons are gung-ho to begin something new.

Due to an unexpected relocation in November, my blogging fell on the wayside. I have missed it enormously and cannot wait to launch my new blogging year with a wonderful new book review!

I pray that you have a 
glorious CHRISTmas
and a New Year
flowing with blessings!