Jan 16, 2012

Very Pinteresting…

Can a mostly sanguine personality be over-networked? I already have my Blog, Facebook, and Twitter groove on, and though I am signed up for other networks, they don't yield the same joie de vivre. Then, along came Pinterest!

Initially, I felt left out because I usually have my ear planted on the pressroom wall. I missed this one! Then, I balked at the idea of another time syphon.

"I need another network like… Uh, will someone send me an invitation, please?" Within 2 hours I was naming my boards and pinning like a mad woman.

My earlier eye-dyllic posts speak of new beginnings and reconstruction. Here was a place to dream, group goodies, organize inspiration, gawk, and repin!

Okay, so how does the above photo correspond with this post? Well, I used Pinterest to pin the Heart Page Marker. Then, I folded up a dozen or so using beautiful origami paper. I turned one upside down to show how I reinforced the backside with self-adhesive, color coordinated Mat Stack.

As a dovetail to a future post, one of the hearts is placed in a wonderful book that I will be reviewing shortly: Small Space Organizing by Kathryn Bechen. This is a timely read for me because our living space has been downsized and space is precious.

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  1. I waited a really long time after an online friend sent me a Pinterest invite, thinking I had no time for yet another time stealer in my life. Then, at my friend's promptings, I decided to give it a try. Oh, be still my heart! I'm in love with Pinterest. I spend far too much time there, but I just keep finding more and more neat things. I can't stop myself! ;-)

    I love the origami hearts!


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