Mar 30, 2012

How does your garden grow?

The rain has me restless. I am imagining gardens, bird feeders, and wildflowers in place of the soggy snow that covers our mountain community like a patchwork quilt.

It is said that Idaho has 2 seasons: Winter and getting ready for Winter. Amusing as that is, our growing season is short. Winters linger and autumn temperatures drop quickly.

I enjoyed a year-round container garden in California that flourished! I knew my garden would not survive Idaho winters, so my daughter, Briana, became my garden's keeper.

It truly takes imagination to garden up here. When the snow melts, there will be no lawn waiting to spring forth. In fact, our town's terrain runs the gamut from sand to boulders. It would take an earthmover to carve out a vegetable garden. Then there are the intruders: free range dogs, wolves, deer, birds, and small forest critters.

Liz, my chipper friend and neighbor, told me that she grows potatoes within stacks of old tires. I spud-ered with excitement! I am a potato fiend and the thought of creatively harvesting my own challenged me to rethink gardening.

My mind is now streaming ideas. It looks like container gardening will be my best bet for Spring and Summer. Although the time for planting up here has not arrived, I am devising a plan. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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