Mar 13, 2012

Tea for Tuesday: Teacups at Play

I walked to and from work today in rain and sleet, which segued to snow once I was warming myself at home by the propane stove. Hot tea began to whisper my name.

While nourishing my chilled spirits with steamy Genmaicha, I began to survey my tea accessories. I don't display as many tea-themed items as I used to. My taste has changed. And, with the perpetual dust of an old mining town, it's not practical to showcase my entire collection.

I have adapted a rotation system that actually creates a more satisfying relationship with my treasures. I find that I appreciate each piece more, simply by assembling items here and there — in little nooks and crannies.

I used the Paper Camera app on iPhone to capture a couple vignettes. The pictures are actually photos that have been altered to look like watercolor illustrations.

The yellow Adderley teacup sits just above my kitchen sink next to an old water spritzer. The above flourished metal display rack houses Longaberger baskets with a pine cone nestled in a sage-green Aynsley teacup. I elevated the pine cone by shaping a paper towel into a circular ring.

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