Mar 10, 2012


The first night under our new roof was last Sunday. [Scroll down to see the home details.] It snowed Friday and Saturday, March 2nd and 3rd — which represented the bulk of our move. The snow let up on the 4th as we cleaned our old place and dealt with the leftover odds-and-ends that any fatigued mover could easily torch.

A room stacked with boxes is visually overwhelming to me. Without a garage of our own, my husband staged labeled boxes in their designated spaces. To expedite the unpacking process, I decreed that my craft loft could not be touched until the rest of our home was in order, which included basic decorating. Yesterday afternoon, Friday the 9th, I was aloft in my loft, cleaning and happily organizing. The motivation to get there must have been strong because I unpacked in 5 days! A record for me, especially considering that I worked 2 days!

At this point, I am adorning our home with things I already have. Decorating ideas are rushing at me with a speed that has my jowls tucked behind my ears. Yet, like my discipline to save the loft for last, I must wait for the budget to bulge.

I have never had all of my crafting supplies and tools in one place. I was amazed at how much I had accumulated since 1978, although I have whittled down periodically. A move certainly puts things into perspective.

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