Apr 9, 2012


The consensus of my friends who are using Pinterest is that it has given them cause to pause. For the first time in a long while they are stopping to enjoy what brings them pleasure, even giving themselves permission to dream.

The same can be said for me. I am exploring my passions like a detective with an oversized magnifying glass. I find that I am more likely to try something new because pin-boards are easy to maneuver and the photos usually link to the resources needed to recreate an idea or obtain a product. The bonus is that my desk is not piled with clippings.

It was through Pinterest that I became acquainted with Martha Stewart's faux grass technique. I layered long strips of light and dark green crepe paper streamers. I then stapled the bottom edges and used Martha's multi-blade scissors to fringe the top edges. The grass was then taped to the inside of a white oblong serving platter. Yellow Easter grass pillowed the center. 

The finished result created a sunny staging area for Easter Sunday surprises! The greeting cards my folks sent from California were right at home.

For Easter dinner, I made roasted cabbage wedges with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. I also broiled thick pork chops with a garlic and mustard marinade. Both of these recipes were also pin-spired.

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  1. Hi Karen! I totally agree with you about Pinterest! I LOVE it! I have tried several recipes that my family has enjoyed and many new craft projects (otherwise I would not have even known about)I try really hard to make sure my pins are from the original owners. Thanks for sharing such a great post!


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