Jun 13, 2012

Full House

These baby robins are inhabiting our back porch. I introduced them in my "Nesting" post. During my last visit, they craned their necks in anticipation of being fed. Today, they were wide-eyed and frozen. Papa was speaking "chirp-erish" at the edge of the porch and the youngsters appeared to be complying.

Feathers are forming and it is definitely a full house! The nest has been reinforced to keep the babies from tumbling out.

Soon, the nestlings will become fledglings, at which point they will vacate the nest. It takes a few days to receive their full compliment of flight feathers, so their parents will stick close by to feed them and provide water. While they are temporarily grounded, they will be vulnerable to attack.


The birds are now fledglings! Three of the four birds ventured onto the wooden beam beneath their nest. I tried to capture one last photo, but they froze and then haphazardly took their first flying lesson. Two landed precariously on the forest floor. One seemed disoriented on the steps of our porch.

The fourth fledgling remained in the nest, chirping relentlessly for 2 hours. Then, mustering up the courage, it flew down to our porch gate. I unlatched the gate and it proceeded to flap and stumble, as if intoxicated, until Papa landed to steer it's course.

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