Jun 25, 2012

Picnic Time!

It's Summer! My Hunkle-Barry drove us down to Boise yesterday. I used the time to browse a digital copy of the June 2012 edition of Everyday Food. I was preparing a grocery list and had a hankering for some fresh ideas. Sarah Carey (Editor in Chief) definitely got me going.
Enjoy summer: Have a cookout with friends, shop a farm stand (grab some peaches!), and don’t forget to read a good book. You never know where you’ll find inspiration.
—Sarah Carey, Editor in chief of Everyday Food
Summer cookouts, farm stands, peaches, good books... Just the utterance of "summer" lifts my spirits. And now, with two mountain winters behind me, I cannot possibly see summer the same.

I love the way summer heat draws the fragrance from vegetable gardens; and how morning walks in the forest are bustling with birdsong and the sappy scent of pines. I am exhilarated by summer thunderstorms, the adventures of my 12-year old son, and then there are picnics...

Sarah's mention of cookouts placed picnics foremost in my mind. Porch and park picnics, tailgating; and soon we will have a new barbecue for year-round grilling. I lean toward palatable picnics — on an ample blanket — with a surplus of shade. This is followed by supine retreat, gazing at cloud pictures, and listening to lazy instrumentals on my iPhone.

And the food must be special... My daddy spoiled me with his meatloaf sandwiches during our childhood picnics. Yet, I am feeling less conventional these days. I am searching for new twists on classic themes.

For instance, Sarah's editorial concluded with these peachy ideas...
Try these two quick ideas for peaches: Toss with avocados, drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice, and sprinkle with salt and basil. Or, mix with cherries, a bit of oil, and some salt and mint.
I am devoting a couple of weeks to picnics! I have already gathered some tasty tidbits, including an original recipe. Sarah is right. We never know where we will bump into inspiration.

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