Jul 19, 2012

And now I wait...

Mountain life has introduced my want-to's to my doer. It could be the altitude or the slower pace. Or maybe my want-to list is running out of brain.

My friend, Jennifer, has a mountain home that overlooks a gorgeous ridge in the Boise National Forest. The large window in her living room is more like a picture postcard with the bonus of birdwatching. The array of Northwestern birds, especially hummingbirds, create a delightful distraction. In fact, Jennifer's home has been designated as a tagging station for hummingbirds. 

While attending Jennifer's Movie Night last month, I was seated beside the ample window, wondering why I wasn't inviting birds to my little half-acre of forest! So, I obtained a Ruby Red Hummingbird Feeder Hanger from Ramona Teagarden at Etsy. The ruby red spheres, made of recycled glass, are designed to attract hummingbirds without using red dyes in the nectar; and the pure brass hooks are enchanting. I then acquired a sturdy hummingbird feeder from Duncraft.

Today, I mixed my first batch of nectar, added it to the glass bottle, and suspended the feeder directly in front of the kitchen window on the back porch. A hummingbird vibrated past my left ear just as I was snapping the above photo. Drats! I scared it away.

Calliope Hummingbird
Photo Copyright Michael Woodruff

Calliope Hummingbirds are plentiful up here. I had the opportunity to see one being tagged while assisting at Mountain Kid's Camp this summer. It is the second smallest hummingbird in the world and the smallest in North America. There is an excellent chance that they will be attending my feeder.

P.S. My first wee guest arrived one hour after posting.


  1. If you watch early in the morning and in the evening, they will come. I have a few that visit regularly and they have even gotten used to me being on the back porch while they feed. Mine is right out the kitchen window so I can watch them while I cook or wash the dishes. They have even gotten used to my Tank being out there. Ellie

  2. I'm going to be a copy cat (: We have lots of hummingbirds in our neighborhood to attract. And it's cute to boot!

  3. That is a stunning feeding hanger! It makes me jealous for one.:) I can't wait to see the beautiful humming birds it attracts in person in just 2 weeks!!!

  4. I am making constant trips to the kitchen window to catch any action.



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