Jul 20, 2012

Forage Friday

It's time! I may be back to blogging regularly, but I have yet to reestablish my routine visits to other bloggers. I have never felt that blogging is just about me. The blog-blessing is in the sharing and exchange.

I am calling this FORAGE FRIDAY where I will visit fellow bloggers and then share five finds. I love the thrill of the hunt! Don't you?

"Where Bloggers...Uh...Create"
With no apologies, this blogger shares her creative chaos and the vices that see her through.

"Vintage Clip Art - Engraved Roses - Printable Labels"
Karen is a go-to source for vintage and copyright free clipart.

"Bird Notes"
Susy's charming home doubles as a bird sanctuary. 

"Apple Crisp Breakfast Muffins"
Cherry Menlove, author of The Handmade Home, has a website brimming with enticing photos and sparks of inspiration.

"Our Hummingbirds"
My previous post celebrated my very first hummingbird feeder. At Bailiwick Studios, Jill shares some incredible photos of a hummingbird nest in her own backyard. I learned a few things.

[NOTE: Scroll down one post to read more about hummingbirds.]

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  1. Hello Karen,

    Hope you are enjoying a beautiful summer! Thank you so much for the lovely birthday wish e-card, beautiful indeed.

    I also thank you for the links and must visit soon. Continue to enjoy a lovely week.




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