Jul 14, 2012


I purchased an Italian glass lamp shortly after I was married in 1984. The lamp is hollow with diagonal swirls. The rounded base houses the bulb and the upper section forms a perfect lampshade that is open at the top. The entire lamp illuminates and casts a welcoming glow — perhaps too welcoming.

As beautiful as the lamp is, it has an unlovely benefit. It attracts and catches just about any winged bug that enters our home. Fortunately, the lamp is opaque and any trapped insects are not visible.

Late last night, I noticed that bugs were somehow getting past the screen of an open window. Within half an hour, at least a hundred gnats and moths gyred around the lamp's brightness. 

I then heard shuffling noises on the back porch. More bugs? My investigation brought me face-to-face with the most rotund raccoon I have ever seen! Being an opportunist, I asked, "May I interest you in some moths?" The raccoon was too busy shredding our trash bags to respond. I gruffly shooed it away, watching it heave its corpulence over the gate before I cleaned up the mess.

After returning to the lamp, I took a long strip of shipping tape and adhered it, sticky-side-out, beneath the shade. By morning, the insects had met their fate either by flying into the hot lamp or finding permanent repose on the tape.

Ah, mountain life...


  1. I remember that cute lamp with the scarf tied around it in chic Italian style. Now it's relegated to being the bug blaster. Life takes it's turns doesn't it (: Love you my friend.

  2. i love that i can be 'mindless' here, a state
    with which i am familiar. sorry to hear
    about your fires. i will be praying. ours
    seem to be under control, and we have had
    some sweet rain!


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