Aug 10, 2012

A Long Awaited Visit

Briana, Brian, and Calebsaurus Rex

Sunday, August 5th

My daughter, Briana; her husband, Brian; and 2 grandchildren, Caleb and Cameryn, arrived in Idaho City from California tonight. This was their first ever family vacation. We swapped joyful hugs and visited for a spell. They are staying at a guest house provided by my friend, Jennifer. After seemingly endless miles of desert and 2 young children in the car, I know they were ready to relax.

My husband, Barry, had not seen Briana for 18 months and he has yet to meet his granddaughter who was sound asleep. Barry only has Monday off from work, so you can bet he will make the most of this visit.

Monday, August 6th

I worked at the Boise Basin Musuem today. Barry and our boys, Bryce (17) and Brock (12), brought Briana and family over for a taste of the Wild West. It was fun to don the curator cap and introduce them to Idaho's beginnings. Brian and I shared some historical humor, something I can always count on his dry wit to deliver.

Afterwards, we returned to our home. High temps and humidity have drained us of spunk, so a dinner of Paula's Mac and Cheese (prepared by Barry and Briana) along with Schwan's Passion Punch Sherbet was the extent of our exertion.

Tuesday, August 7th

Barry reluctantly returned to work today. I also discovered that my family is leaving on Thursday morning, not FRIDAY! I quickly adjusted my sails. 

Our grandchildren had a restless night of sleep, so everyone appeared about mid-afternoon. We mostly lounged, snacked, chatted, watched the 2012 Olympics... We had an early dinner of tortellini salad and fresh fruit. They took the kids home and Briana returned late that evening to sqeeze in more time with her daddy.

Brian and Caleb

Wednesday, August 8th

Briana and I are avoiding any discussion of their departure. She and I are very close. Our moving to Idaho has been a challenge for both of us.

Brock took them to the Culvert, a popular swim hole that is more about getting wet than swimming. When everyone returned, we just focused on each other. No agenda. 

Two year old Caleb tirelessly initiated rounds of hide-and-seek. He also does an impressive dinosaur roar, which prompted me to polish my own. Where Caleb, with his German features, is boldly espressive, 10-month old Cameryn, with dark hair, rounded hazel eyes, and rosebud lips, maintains a blank expression that alters only for occasional smiles or displeasure.

Dinner consisted of egg rolls, steamed broccoli with fresh garlic, and brown rice. We said early good-byes to the kids and Brian. Then Briana came back later for an emotional farewell. 

Thursday, August 9th

There is an awkward vacancy in our home today. Briana called me from Lake Tahoe and mentioned that no amount of "good-byes" would have been sufficient. She's right. We want to live closer but there is no remedy for that right now. Visits are more precious and appreciated.

I was remiss about taking pictures. I devoted myself to hands-on time and totally forgot. I captured the above two shots in haste. Caleb willingly posed. Sadly, I did not get a photo of little Cameryn.

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  1. So, so happy you had a good visit with Briana and fam ~ albeit short-lived. Its hard to believe she's all grown up with kids of her own. And how nice to have your friends guest house for them to use. Hugs to you, I'm sure it was really hard to say goodbye. xo


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