Aug 3, 2012

Croc Spots

I have these dark circles on my body. No, not under my eyes, but on the tops of my feet. Crazy! On closer inspection (which meant putting on my reading glasses) I observed that the circles are the same size and evenly spaced. Then it registered... I have Croc Spots — which has nothing to do with slow cookers.

Years back, I gave into wearing Crocs because my mom gifted me with a pair. I adored wooden clogs when they became a big deal in the 70's, but Crocs looked a little cheesy to me . . . uh, maybe because of the holes?

I became a convert once I began to use them though. They are comfy, airy, bouncy, and I actually healed a bone spur by wearing them. I walk to work along a mountain dirt-road and the sun reaches into the holes. Maybe I don't need that manicure after all.

NOTE: On September 3, 2007, I wrote a post called "Blending In?" It addressed Foreign sentiments toward Americans and referenced Crocs. Click HERE to visit the post.

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  1. I am glad Croc Spots is not some rare deadly disease LOL.
    I like the look of Crocs but haven't tried them; do they ever fly off your foot? I read that somewhere, but I think if they have a strap on the back they would be ok.


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