Aug 13, 2012

Where there's smoke...

This is the river valley leading up to the historic gold mining town of Idaho City. The Old Toll Road (right of center) gave transport to around 25,000 people as they headed toward the motherlode.

Under normal conditions, the skyline would be the bluest of blues. Since Idaho has close to 12 wildfires burning, we are inundated with smoke, especially down in the Treasure Valley where, from a distance, the smoky haze resembles fog.

The above photo is pointed toward Boise. I snapped this bright bloom — a type of sunflower — because it seems to offer hope against a troubled sky.


  1. Hope you're staying safe and have some protection against the smoke. So sad.

  2. Love you pics. Josh is fighting fire over there now. We found some relief with rain here in CO, hope you do too! Missing that area... ~Heather Graham

  3. What a beautiful picture...the beauty of the flowers. Our youngest moved to Colorado in the midst of all the fires there....eye opening when you are more connected. I know the fires burn off much dead and many know living in the mountains brings that potential threat, yet how hard it must be to watch homes go up in flames. Hope the fires don't come your way.


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