Sep 7, 2012

Time for an Autumn Giveaway!


I LIKE AUTUMN A LOT'M! I feel such exhilaration at this time of year — even if Fall is not official until Saturday, September 22nd. So, I am counting down with a GIVEAWAY!

Marcus Samuelsson, a modern celebrity chef, just authored his memoir, "Yes, Chef," which shares his unique journey to success. In addition, Harney and Sons is now carrying his signature tea blends, Ambessa.
"Ethiopian roots, a Scandinavian upbringing, world travel and an American coming of age... Ambessa's blends are a reflection of Chef Marcus Samuelsson's own journey as well as his passion for world-wide foodways and culinary creativity." -Harney and Sons
I thought it would be fun to bless 2 individuals with one of these teas — the winners will get to choose. Each tea may be perused further by clicking HERE


  1. LEAVE A COMMENT. Please share your favorite way to experience Autumn.
  2. Be sure to INCLUDE YOUR NAME and contact information.
  3. RECEIVE EXTRA ENTRIES by referring friends. They need to mention your name in their post. No limit!
  4. THE DEALINE to enter is on the Autumnal Equinox: September 22nd at Midnight Pacific Time. Due to postage, this Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

Read about Marcus Samuelsson HERE.

H A P P Y   F A L L !


  1. Well, since I live in the South, autumn only means SLIGHTLY cooler temperatures. But I am still a lover of all things autumn. It usually means longer evening walks for our family that are enjoyed more, rather than miserable, hot, and quick walks done for the health. Sidenote - I love those tea tins, so exotic and pretty.


  2. I live in the very best place for autumn to HIT! South central Pennsylvania!! Our Fall actually hits at the end of October, as much as we enjoy the fun of summer, the cooler temps rule with me. My favorite memory is of playing in the piles of leaves in the street of my grandmothers house! Oh boy did we get in trouble for that! But it was so much fun!

  3. My favorite memory is of playing in the leaves that were in the street in my grandmothers neighborhood! In Chicago back in the 60's! Oh my gosh did we all get in trouble!

    I do live in a very nice place now south central PA! Not too much snow and wonderful weather! Humidity is not fun, but the Autumns here are lovely!

  4. I love to set out my decorative pumpkins along with other minimal decorations around the house. I also love to try out some baked good recipes, and fire-up the crock pot for delicious warm meals (Since our little, stuffy home will not allow it during summer). Another tradition of ours is to visit the Sugar Plum craft show on the OC fair grounds where delicious treats, pretty autumnal atmosphere, and seasonal smells await! -Briana Lemos (P.S. Like how I worked your favorite word, "Autumnal", into my comment? Does the earn me extra points? :)

  5. I love Autumn and everything orange.
    The mountains change and the air is crisp, the breeze seams to caress you like a breath from God. I love the colors, the smells and the wonder of it all. I love the evenings the best with a little chill and the brightest of stars, all shared with a cup of hot tea.
    Tina Smith

  6. If the word "delicious" could describe a feeling, unrelated to food, it's the term I'd use to describe my favorite time of the year. Fall, for me, always conjures up memories of walking in crisp air, crunching my shoes in dried, colorful leaves. My energy level soars this time of year. My body responds to fall weather more than any other stimuli. I live in an area of the country where fall comes late, and leaves early, so I make the most of it while it's here, walking, walking, walking. It makes me feel like hugging myself! ;-)

  7. Was so surprised to see the tree in our front yard already changing colors and feel a cool crisp breeze this morning...quite a treat for this Cali girl...also enjoy going to Julian or Oak Glenn with family to pick apples for pies and have some fresh apple cider. Love the colors and scents of Autumn :)

  8. Living in a Universtiy town (Baton Rouge) and near New Orleans, fall means football, football, football. (LSU and Saints) We can't count on cool fall weather but game times are synonymous with family, friends, and good food.

  9. As a child I loved to tap maple trees with my Grandfather...we would all ride on the wagon pulled by the horses and go back in the woods to the sugar shanty....melt the sap down to sugar and make designs on the snow.....the chill in the air and the smell of the maple syrup was wonderful! I never liked to eat it...too sweet, but loved the smell!

  10. As of the last few years, our Fall tradition has been to take a road trip. The weather is nice, the kids are back in school, just the senior set and there RVs on the road (:
    We try to include at least one historical hotel in each trip. This year it's one night at the El Tovar Lodge at the Grand Canyon's south rim. Will take lots of pix and post them while enjoying a cup of tea. xo

  11. Hi Karen

    I would love to be entered in your give-away. I have yet to try this new tea, but saw it demonstrated on Good Morning America --- and it really interests me. I will try it out!

    My favorite way to enjoy tea in autumn is in the mountains --- with tamarack golden brown, dried summer flowers, and the distant sound of an elk bugling. Fallen leaves and amber tea --- autumnal perfection!

    LaTeaDah from Gracious Hospitality

  12. If these teas are half as good as the tins are pretty, these must be great. That chocolate tea sounds divine!

  13. And I forgot to add that in the autumn I start drinking hot tea. Living in the deep south the summer means iced tea but when the air gets crisp and sweaters come do the tea cups and the hot tea!!!

  14. Goodness! The boxes are works of art!
    How sweet of you KJ...
    My favorite is to be in Gatlinburg, Tn next to the Little Pigeon River watching the orange, yellow and red leaves float down as they fall. Many happy memories there with my parents.

  15. M favorite way to enjoy autumn is taking long walks up mountain roads, breathing brisk cold air and looking at the turning leaves. Renna told me about this giveaway!


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