Sep 22, 2012

Welcome Fall!

A U T U M N   F I R E S

In the other gardens 
And all up the vale, 
From the autumn bonfires 
See the smoke trail! 

Pleasant summer over 
And all the summer flowers, 
The red fire blazes, 
The grey smoke towers. 

Sing a song of seasons! 
Something bright in all! 
Flowers in the summer, 
Fires in the fall!

—Robert Louis Stevenson

WELCOME FALL! Today is the Autumnal Equinox. Our Boise National Forest is humming along. Yellow leaves are wafting, pine trees are losing needles... Along Highway 21, bushes are blushing with radiant russet colors. Smoky breezes have sunflowers dancing.

I rediscovered this poem and read it with new meaning. We have experienced several major wildfires this Summer (human-caused) that are now overlapping into Fall. We wish these were seasonal bonfires. Some of the wildfires have yet to be contained and the smoke over Idaho — much of it imported from Washington fires — is still thick and fog-like.

I have fond memories of A Child's Garden of Verses, written by Robert Louis Stevenson. My childhood copy had the most transportive illustrations. I have replaced that one (which disappeared at some point) with a copy illustrated by Thomas Kinkade. I enjoy it; however, I favor the one from my youth. It was Stevenson's poetry that inspired me to begin writing traditional verse.



  1. Hi KJ, please do enter me in your kind of you to host one. Love your fall verse above. I hope you are having a great week.


  2. Nothing like some beautiful poetry from Stevenson.


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