Oct 26, 2012

German Tour in Idaho City

The Boardwalk — Historic District of Idaho City
Germans were well represented during the gold rush days of Idaho City. In fact, they were the 3rd largest foreign-born people group. Their food, brewing skills, music, and quality craftsmanship made substantial contributions to early Idaho City life. So, it is always fun to welcome German visitors!

Officially, the Boise Basin Museum is closed until Memorial Day. However, Cassie, a teacher at Mountain View High School in Meridian, requested a tour for her German exchange students as well as American students who are learning the German language.

It was a nippy morning. Our brick and mortar museum mimicked an ice box; nevertheless, the tour group arrived with winter coats, scarfs, mittens, and warm smiles that made the chill bearable.

Rhonda divided the group into 2 units. She gave each group a walking tour. I handled the museum and the wooden boardwalk leading to our oldest homes, a blacksmith shop, and a pest house.

I tried to snap group photos with my iPhone. The bright light made that challenging. The photo below was the best I could manage, but you can see that they brought their own sunshine to Idaho City! 

[Click on photo to enlarge.]

Auf Wiedersehen,

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  1. Brrrr. Good thing they were bundles up. The photo is perfect ~ it even has a sepia tone affect to match the backdrop of town.

    When I glanced at your title, I thought it said German Potatoe Salad. I think I'm slightly disappointed...



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