Oct 20, 2012

Shades of Fall

Boise is not located in Boise County. Go figure. This could be akin to French fries not really being French, especially in a potato state with a French-named capital. I digress. Actually, Boise is situated in Idaho's Treasure Valley. The word Boise stems from the phrase le bois, which means wood or the woods. Canadian French explorers felt that the name best described the area. I agree.

My hubby and I attend church outside of Boise in the city of Eagle. We enjoyed Fall last Sunday from the patio of the Wild West Bakery and Espresso. The old downtown area was radiant with color.


Our mountain range can be seen down this tree-lined street. We share some of the same foliage as the valley, but the color dwindles the higher one travels. Fall foliage is most spectacular along Highway 21 in the canyons. 

The photo below was snapped this foggy morning outside of our home. Rain has been in the forecast, although we have seen little of it. Days are chillier and nights below freezing. What a contrast between the 2 photos!


If precipitation does make an appearance, we could even have snow as the temps drop. This would not be the first year that mountain trick-or-treaters have traipsed through snow.

Blessings galore,


  1. you live in one of the most beautiful
    spots in our country!

  2. Hi Ms KJ ~ love that pic of old town. You sound like a well-adapted mountain momma. Lee Drummond doesn't have anything in you!


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