Oct 23, 2012

Tea for Tuesday


My previous post captured this same view on a no-snow, foggy Saturday morning just 3 days ago! We didn't even have a white Christmas in 2011, let alone a snowy Fall. This snow will be short-lived since our high daytime temp will be around 50˚, but... ♫ "Dah Dah Dah Dah Dah, I'm Lovin' It!"

I am home alone. Later, I will be donning a warmer jacket to walk down the slushy road to my afternoon job. In an aha moment, I decided to steep into a recent gift from Marsha Schewe, proprietor of the HopeChest. She sent me an ample replacement of Sunday Parlor, a blend of white chocolate, vanilla cream, and caramel. I don't have scones to celebrate with. (I think Joyce Mahan devoured them during the final Presidential Debate.) However, I do have time.

You can meet Marsha and peruse her tea-licous beverages HERE.

Teafully yours,


  1. You are sweet as Sundae Parlor Tea for linking with me. Great combination - frosty weather and vanilla cream, white chocolate, and caramel tea. The Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Chai would be another great one. Enjoy.

  2. Nothing like a cup if tea. I'm stuck on a Earl Grey, but you make me want to be a little more adventurous. Love the autumn snow pic. Does this mean you're in for a really snowy winter? xo

  3. Hey Karen,
    I do have 2 small scones left. Please come and get them. HA!
    I loved your photo of the snow as well.....but you know one thing I don't like that I can remember from my days of growing up and living in the Midwest.
    When the snow feel early and no one had raked their leaves up yet. That is nasty. Snow and leaves on the ground. Blah!!!
    So happy for you to have received some Sundae Parlor Tea! I knew it was on it's way.
    Wish you could come visit with me and day maybe.
    Or maybe we can make it up there. I've not ever been to Idaho.

  4. Yum...wish I were there. I am sitting here reading many of your posts, drinking a cup of coffee, and realizing that I could read all day! Love the way you write. My maiden name is Lichtenberg, so the post on the German settlers to the area was of great interest. My dad's family is from Texas. Those of German descent are well numbered in Texas. I never knew that they were well represented in Idaho City as well. Your newly fallen snow from this post is beautiful...or should I say was!
    Blessings from Still Woods


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