Dec 30, 2012

New Year's Eve-Eve


There was minimal snow on the mountain before Brock (12) and I flew to California. After 16 days in SoCal, we returned to this winter vista.


I immediately threw open the shades this morning and fixed a pot of French Press coffee. While making breakfast, I observed a group of icicles on the back porch eaves. The larger icicle was gracefully extended and pointing its toe.

My husband, Bear, cooked his first turkey for Christmas! He also whipped up homemade egg nog, created side dishes, and baked multiple desserts. (He has his priorities.) Our son, Bryce (18) spent Christmas Eve and all day Christmas with Bear, which made separation from us livable.

Bear has been working and lodging in Mountain Home this weekend in order to have New Year's Eve and Day off. He left us homemade cookies and taped a love note to the bathroom mirror! He will be home later this evening. In 28 years of marriage we have never been apart for this long. I am eager to see my man!

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Winter Wishes!

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  1. Hey Mrs. Miller ~ what a nice long visit "home" but I bet you were ready to get back to hubby. So glad to hear Bryce spent Christmas with Barry. Blessings for the new year my friend. 2013 here we come!


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