Jan 8, 2012

The "Pinch" That Stole Christmas (and the Friends Who Saved It)

The Pinch

As you contemplate the word PINCH, perhaps imagining someone grabbing a handful of flesh, allow me to redirect. The blasted PINCH is another thing entirely... 

In December 2011, we were days away from moving to Idaho. Everything, including Christmas, was boxed and labeled. Excitement superseded any sadness over forfeiting my own Christmas. After all, there was always next year, right?

Thanksgiving made its passage. I was eagerly planning the details of our first Idahoan Christmas. My list was short: 1) Get decorations from storage, 2) Make a grocery list for Christmas dinner, 3) Write Christmas cards.

Our decorations were easily accessible in a storage unit located where our mountain highway empties into Boise. Neither of our living situations up here have had garages, so paying for storage is a necessity.

The Revelation

Full-time employment had still not materialized and an unexpected move in November was not helpful. As Christmas approached, we realized that our storage payment had to be postponed until after Christmas!

I had waited 2 years and now Christmas was locked up! We were in a PINCH! All I had in my home was a tiny box of Hallmark ornaments — that were somehow packed with everyday items — and a tree skirt that was hanging in my closet after being dry cleaned.

The Rescue

Once my emotions subsided (and they did raise their ugly heads), I announced on Facebook that I was determined to overcome. It was not really a plea for help. Nevertheless, 2 friends came to my rescue. 

Dee Dee brought over a faux tree and provided a bin containing a mishmash of lights and old ornaments. Tina lent me a box of unused decorations. Within hours I had pieced together a very charming Christmas tree!

So what that I had never had an artificial tree or that light strands didn't match or that glass ornaments had to be turned to hide wear or that my own ornaments barely covered the front of the tree! My husband said many times, from his perch on the couch, that he thought the tree was amazingly beautiful. I thought so, too. And, we were both grateful for the love of friends!

What I Know
  • Being flexible is freeing.
  • Perfection is constraining.
  • It came to pass, it didn't come to stay.