Jan 18, 2012

Let It Snow, Idaho!

Idaho City awoke to a powdery wonderland! Weeks of uncharacteristically dry, cold temps relented and our belated White Christmas took the stage. We've had close to 10 inches so far and, "It doesn't show signs of stopping . . . I've brought some corn for popping…"

The forecast is showing rising temps and rain for the next few days. No one here wants our basin to become a slush bowl! Most would prefer just snow or just rain. The combination of the two, SNAIN, is an ugly mess!

We can only hope for temps to drop or maintain. If we lose, bring your favorite syrup for snow cones!


Jan 16, 2012

Very Pinteresting…

Can a mostly sanguine personality be over-networked? I already have my Blog, Facebook, and Twitter groove on, and though I am signed up for other networks, they don't yield the same joie de vivre. Then, along came Pinterest!

Initially, I felt left out because I usually have my ear planted on the pressroom wall. I missed this one! Then, I balked at the idea of another time syphon.

"I need another network like… Uh, will someone send me an invitation, please?" Within 2 hours I was naming my boards and pinning like a mad woman.

My earlier eye-dyllic posts speak of new beginnings and reconstruction. Here was a place to dream, group goodies, organize inspiration, gawk, and repin!

Okay, so how does the above photo correspond with this post? Well, I used Pinterest to pin the Heart Page Marker. Then, I folded up a dozen or so using beautiful origami paper. I turned one upside down to show how I reinforced the backside with self-adhesive, color coordinated Mat Stack.

As a dovetail to a future post, one of the hearts is placed in a wonderful book that I will be reviewing shortly: Small Space Organizing by Kathryn Bechen. This is a timely read for me because our living space has been downsized and space is precious.

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