Feb 9, 2012

Picking Favorites and "Hello" Yellow

I am perplexed that some people can commit to only one favorite in any given category. How do they do that? I mean, how do they narrow down a world of choices to just a single thing?

Off the top of my head, Apple Computers are the only thing I can point to as an exclusive favorite. As for music, color, style, design, food, places, poets, writers, movies, actors and so on, I prefer "groups" of favorites.

Take one look at my Boards on Pinterest and you'll discover my passion for variety. Just don't pin me  down. My take is that every theme is a header with multiple subheads.

Color is no different... As I find myself in a season of reinvention, I am at least agreeing with myself that there has been one golden thread connecting my love of color. Yellow! And, to stay true to my lack of commitment, I love all shades!

“Yellow is a color that says ‘Hello,’” says designer Robert Couturier. “I love and am inspired by yellow—it lives in the natural light of a room and appears in candlelight during a dinner party.”
For me, yellow is a happy, perk-me-up color. I wear it when I need a lift in spirits. I use it for dazzle and pop. It makes me smile.

I dream of rooms I want to decorate and yellow is usually a component. Yellow with teal, pastels, grays, neutrals, primary colors, autumnal shades, or partnered with bold strokes of black. It's always that burst of sunshine that winks at me.,

So at least for today, I'm leaning toward yellow as my favorite. Ask me again tomorrow.

Attributions for Collage:
Yellow Door: Pinned off of Pinterest: broken link
Floral Arrangement: Found on Bing with no attribution
Yellow Chair: Found on Bing with no attribution