Feb 25, 2012


Yesterday, our mountains mimicked Spring. The birds rejoiced and mama ducks displayed dizzy ducklings on the open road. Today, rain was in the forecast. We got snow.

This was my cue to brew! I steeped Pearl Jasmine Green Tea and curled up on the sofa with my laptop and a fleece blanket. My husband even spoiled me with his signature salmon omelete. 

Okay, I have a newsflash. I hesitate to share it. I tested the news at a Ladies Night Out and 3 women exclaimed simultaneously, "AGAIN?" 

We currently live in an apartment. Our last stint with apartment life occurred in the early years of our marriage. We have lived here for a few months, referring to it as our launching pad.

Well, we received a call from a realtor friend. A 2-story home is available up the road.  She described a newer 3-bedroom, 2-bath abode with a loft that is begging me to craft. It has front and back porches that are both the length of the home. The residence sits on a half-acre and there are no street lights — only the moon and stars.

I was numb at first. After many disappointments, I am leery of good news. So we prayed and began to recognize God's providence. Remarkably, the home is the same rent we are paying for our 2-bedroom, one-bath apartment. Our current place lacks privacy and the traffic upstairs often makes us feel like we are being trampled underfoot. The new location affords greater protection and the freedom to be ourselves.

We're moving, again! I have taken photos of each room and I am prearranging furniture on paper. There are many windows, so wall space is limited. I don't mind though. I will have a surplus of natural light.

I began to reflect on my first apartment in 1977. The style was earthy. I owned stoneware dishes, named Sequoia, in forest green and rust; custom-made pine furniture that included a dining set and a bunk bed with a desk, shelves, and love seat underneath. I had wood framed nature prints and a plethora of beautiful pottery, one of my favorites being a chip-and-dip dish in toasted brown and cobalt blue. I relished anything that nature produced and I adored the skilled trades of old — baskets, candles, china, metalwork, weaving, painting and so on.

Then it dawned on me. My passions have reverted back! Now, instead of dreaming about the forest, I live in one! My windows frame a new reality! I've begun to mingle my tea things and French accessories with the outdoors. So, yes . . . AGAIN!