Mar 21, 2012

Tea for Tuesday: "Snow way!"

On Monday, we could finally walk on our U-shaped driveway without slipping. Soil, stones, and gravel — once buried beneath snow — pleaded the case for Spring. We could even park our car in the driveway. What a concept!

We awoke this morning to a full day of snow. In Boise, the snow was melting as soon as it touched ground. Here on the mountain, it stuck. Except for the buds on trees, it looked like winter all over again.

I went outside to capture a couple of pictures on my iPhone. I used an app called Camera+ which gives me the options of special effect lenses. The above shot depicts the view from our front porch. The photo below is taken from the edge of the porch with a slightly different angle. It's apparent that we have a ways to go before we're snow-free!

I had the day off. I had grand plans of attacking my project list. I diverted. I made sure that I had a bird's eye view of falling snow and brewed ginger peach green tea. I watched the 1947 version of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir; grabbed the tissue box for the finale of Mr. Holland's Opus; and learned how to make Jean-Georges's Fried Rice from Mark Bittman's Minimilist video series. I gathered even more inspiration from an older edition of Phyllis Hoffman's seasonal magazine, Celebrate Spring. There's nothing like hope!

What I read and watched also inspired some culinary creativity. I had ham-and-swiss melts waiting for Brock when he returned home from school. Dinner consisted of smoked salmon tossed with ghee, Pampered Chef's Citrus and Basil Rub, and bow tie pasta.