Apr 21, 2012


I was never in the habit of reading the editor letters in magazines. I was too eager to view each edition's content, so I skipped the formalities, did a quick flip-through, and returned to what intrigued me most. When I started blogging, I stopped being in such a hurry.

In the May issue of Whole Living, I enjoyed Alanna Stang's May musings. As Editor-in-Chief, Alanna wrote... 
"May is when everything really gets started. Branches leaf out. Flowers flaunt. Grass feels thick underfoot. And at the farmers' markets, the gnarled root vegetables we've been eating all winter finally give way to a riot of delicate greens. It's nothing short of a universal reset."
I relate to the "universal reset" Alanna speaks of. This is my second Spring in the Idaho mountains. The snow is finally gone, rivers are rushing, the landscape is lush. Wildlife is enjoying renewal. Sunlight takes longer stretches into evening.

And, May will bring the biggest changes. Green will reach its peek. Our old mining town will undergo a good spring cleaning, making ready for the influx of tourists who will soon be strolling our boardwalks. Shops will once again resound with ringing registers.

The Capital City Public Market opens this weekend, followed by the East End Market in May. Both are in Boise. The farm stands will be bulging with local produce and the handcrafted foods of Treasure Valley vendors. Our winter carbs will be replaced. Soup will segue to salad.

I'm sure feeling it. Are you?