Jun 8, 2012


When we moved to our new home, the beams under the eaves of our back porch were filled with abandoned nests. My husband removed them after winter, not wanting to encourage more of the same.

The brevity of Spring in our forest seems to spur immediacy. Unbeknownst to us, a bird assembled a nest, hatched her eggs, and is now busy feeding her chirping charges. I am fairly certain that these are robins. 

When Mama went foraging for food, I stood on a chair with my iPhone to quickly snap photos. I had a grand view of the nestlings. They craned their fuzzy necks with mouths so big that I imagined they could swallow themselves whole. There was a great deal of comotion and I could hear Mama protesting from the branch of a nearby pine tree.

Pay special attention to the building materials of the nest. Also, I looked up some stats on robins. Sadly, a great number of these baby birds will not make it to November.