Sep 25, 2012

And the 2 winners are...


While returning from Boise on Sunday, we witnessed the most spectacular double rainbow — a declaration that rain had finally come to our fire-ravaged mountains. I added the following comment to Facebook yesterday: 

"The sun arose in a blaze of glory — no smoke to diffuse it! The sky is flaunting its stuff with the whitest fluff. Even grasshoppers seem to be playing their castanets a little louder!"

I was so busy enjoying Autumn and clear skies that I forgot to pick GIVEAWAY WINNERS! My apologies. I did attempt this post last night, only to discover that our satellite internet service was on temporary hiatus. 

My winner-picker, Brock, slipped off to school before I could snag him. So, I get to do the honors this morning. As a matter of ritual, I brewed up some Harney and Sons Chai Tea, creating a lovely caramel color by adding a bit of sugar and cream. I then turned my full attention to my cranberry basket bowl!


"My favorite memory is of playing in the leaves that were in the street in my grandmothers neighborhood — in Chicago back in the 60's! Oh my gosh did we all get in trouble! I do live in a very nice place now: South Central PA! Not too much snow and wonderful weather! Humidity is not fun, but the Autumns here are lovely!"

"I would love to be entered in your give-away. I have yet to try this new tea, but saw it demonstrated on Good Morning America — and it really interests me. I will try it out! My favorite way to enjoy tea in autumn is in the mountains — with tamarack golden brown, dried summer flowers, and the distant sound of an elk bugling. Fallen leaves and amber tea — autumnal perfection!"

NOTE: I would like to point out to my enchanting daughter, Briana, that La Tea Dah is free with the word "autumnal," too. (Briana teases me about this.)

WINNERS: I have Cyndi's contact information. If La Tea Dah would provide me with her address through my blog or in a private message on Facebook, that would be spiffy! Ladies, please go to the Giveaway Post and select which tea you would love to receive. You can do so by clicking HERE.

Autumnally yours,