Oct 6, 2012

Hormones and Suds


I received this letter a few years back...
Dear Karen: 
Your reproduction years are over. Please be informed that the factory has been formally shut down. Of course, this means that your maintenance contract is no longer effective. Any cracks in the foundation, structural repairs, issues with plumbing and heating, computer crashes, or aesthetic issues are now your full responsibility. Sagging and flagging are common, almost immediate occurrences. We suggest that you seek professional help or sell your mirrors. Welcome to mental-pause! 
We thank you for your perseverance. Understandably, these last 35 years have not always been chocolate and rose petals — although our records indicate an enormous consumption of chocolate. 
The sum of all parts,  
Your Hormones
Left to my own devices, I began to search out new salves for treating my hormonally abandoned skin. For instance, I often mist my face with water, smoothing small drops of olive oil over the moistened area. It gives my complexion a natural glow that creates a beautiful canvas for my makeup. (I even have a book devoted to olive oil. You'd be surprised at the uses...)

Aunt Nancy has also helped me to cope or should I say soap? She makes deliciously scented soaps that moisturize and nourish my skin. Her Etsy site, AuntNancysSoap shares this: "All soaps are made with 50-60% olive oil. The rest of the oils used are various vegetable oils. No animal fats! These soaps were all made using the cold process method." Plus, her soaps "range from 4.5oz to over 5oz," which is quite ample!

I have several favorite fragrances, but lately, the Salty Citrus Spa has been my preference.

Here is a list of her products (depending on availability):

Egyptian Dragon
Amber Romance
White Lavender Spruce
Pomegranate Fig
Green Cactus
Fresh Cut Rose
Sandalwood Vanilla
Pumpkin Soap - Apple Pumpkin Raisin Scent
Creamy Lemon Honey
Ginger Lavender
Lemon Peppermint
Lemongrass and Sea Clay
Salty Citrus Spa
Honey Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus Mint
Ginger Lemon Shaving & Bath 
Cedarwood Patchouli Shaving & Bath
Dragon's Blood
Black Raspberry Chai Tea
Lemon Patchouli
Fresh Cedarwood
Spiced Cinnamon Sandalwood
Carrot and Goat Milk
Dark Desert with Agave Nectar
Orange Clove
Desert Nomad
Anise Supreme
Creamy Peppermint with Chocolate Swirl
Goat Milk Fragrance Free
Oatmeal and Honey
Goat Milk Oatmeal and Honey
Rose Clay Fragrance Free Facial Bar

Suds to you,