Jan 24, 2013

Tantalizing Truffles!

French Broad Chocolates - Masala Chai

I'm taking over the world one chocolate at a time! There is no shortage of chocolate to be sure — especially in the everyday markets. The over-accessibility to average chocolate has only served to heighten my fascination for artisanal confections. Finding quality chocolate is not a daunting task, but it does require some weeding out.

Early on, I favored milk chocolate poured over coconut or peanuts or honeycomb or creamy fudge. Then, I met up with truffles! Truffles are like little, uniquely wrapped gifts for the tastebuds. The outer layer is visually fetching, while the delectable center is limited only by the chocolatier's imagination.

I found French Broad Chocolates in the February 2013 Edition of Southern Lady. Southern Lady recommends forgoing the "grocery store sampler" for one these skillfully handcrafted assortments. Before you click on the above link, allow me to entice you with the flavors in the Aphrodisiac Collection: Indian Kulfi; Fig & Port; Canela Picante; Cabernet & Anise; Theros, Orange, & Fennel; and Cosmic Love Potion.

I cannot vouch for the aphrodisiac claim, although any indulgence my hubby and I share together fuels romance. Chocolate is certainly high on the list!

Con-fectionately yours,

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  1. so the beach bunny turned mountain mama is reading southern lady. but then, chocolate IS a universal language (**


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