Feb 10, 2013


"There are four basic food groups: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and chocolate truffles." 
-Author Unknown
Godiva Dessert Truffles | Good Housekeeping

I have created a wonderful List on Facebook called FOOD-QUEST. I confess that I am an opportunist when it comes to technology. A Facebook List makes it possible to pool a specific interest into one serene stream of current activity.

FOOD-QUEST includes celebrity chefs, savvy home cooks; cookbook authors; food culture experts; culinary magazines; food TV and podcasts; and popular websites. The stream never runs dry!

With 280+ links, today you will find inspiration for Valentine's Day, the Grammy's, Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, and answers to the mundane question, "What's for dinner?" Of course chocolate is a trending theme for obvious reasons.

You may Follow the flow HERE! It is Public. If you have an issue, Message me at:

Quest-fully Yours,

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