Feb 13, 2013

Saveur Magazine

Have you noticed? Food has become quite fashionable! Much credit goes to the emergence of reality cooking competitions and endless food shows; savvy blogs, websites, radio broadcasts, and podcasts. Magazines, also, are endeavoring to redefine cooking and interpret food culture.

I am passionate about food, not obsessive. I sometimes have to remind myself to eat because the process of food discovery is often more mesmerizing than the consumption of it. I think Editor-in-Chief James Oseland, of Saveur magazine, captured my sentiments... 
At Saveur, we travel a lot. 
We don't do it just to sate our palates. When we peruse the market stalls in some faraway place, find ourselves in a newfound friend's kitchen, or sit down to break bread in an unfamiliar restaurant, we are learning about the world. We are becoming intimate with the places where we eat, and our understanding of them expands.
Food is obviously essential; however it gives meaning and cohesiveness to the people groups of this world. When I am meeting foreign-born people for the first time, I have found that the subject of food is bonding. The more I understand their food, the warmer the connection!


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